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Key to SuccessKey to Success
Key to Success
Key to Success Sale price£10,995.00 GBP
Aries 3 - Main PCB
Aries 3 Claw
Aries 3 - Main PCB Sale price£240.00 GBP
Button Confirm Game - Wrecking Ball
Player 2 Acrylic Panel - Wrecking Ball
Arm Assembly - Wrecking Ball
Alarm Light Assembly - Wrecking Ball
String Locks - Wrecking Ball
Acrylic Panel Player 1 or 2 Support - Wrecking Ball
Player 1 Acrylic Panel - Wrecking Ball
Monitor DC Supply PCB - Wrecking Ball
Monitor AC Supply PCB - Wrecking Ball
Monitor Drive PCB - Wrecking Ball
Anti-Cheat Slide Acrylic - Wrecking Ball
Power Supply 350w / 12v /29A - Wrecking Ball
Power Supply 200w/12v/17A - Wrecking Ball
Power Supply 100w/8A - Wrecking Ball
Anti Cheat Sensor - Wrecking Ball
Button Select Game - Wrecking Ball
I/O Board -Main Processor - Wrecking Ball
Rope Sleeve - Wrecking Ball
Ball - Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball
Ball - Wrecking Ball Sale price£60.00 GBP
Sold out
Amplifier PCB - Furious Speed
Solenoid - Furious Speed
Power Supply 12v/18A - Furious Speed
Transformer 18v- Furious SpeedTransformer 18v- Furious Speed
Monitor - Furious SpeedMonitor - Furious Speed
Button Control PCB - Furious SpeedButton Control PCB - Furious Speed
Motion Control PCB - Furious Speed
IO Board - Furious Speed
PC Control Unit - Furious SpeedPC Control Unit - Furious Speed
Potentiometer - Furious Speed
Fan Assembly - HurricaneFan Assembly - Hurricane
Fan Assembly - Hurricane Sale price£145.00 GBP
Main PCB - Hurricane
Main PCB - Hurricane Sale price£300.00 GBP
AC Control PCB - Hurricane
Sold out
Power Supply - Hurricane
Power Supply - Hurricane Sale price£46.40 GBP
Test Button Panel Assembly - Hurricane
LCD Screen - Hurricane
LCD Screen - Hurricane Sale price£16.00 GBP
Rubber Grill - Hurricane
Sensor - Small - HurricaneSensor - Small - Hurricane
Sensor Large - HurricaneSensor Large - Hurricane
Sensor Large - Hurricane Sale price£11.60 GBP
Joystick - Aries 3 ClawJoystick - Aries 3 Claw
Claw Motor and Spiral Harness - Aries 3  Crane
12v Power Supply - Rainbow Crane
Drop Button - Aries 3 Crane
Joystick - Rainbow ClawJoystick - Rainbow Claw
48 v Power Supply - Rainbow Claw
Lattice Screen Control Board - Space Guard
Snowman Target -30 Points - Snowman Challenge
Snowman Target -20 Points - Snowman Challenge
Light pcb - top box - Fast Food Frenzy

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